Significant upgrades to a service are treated as projects outside the scope of that service level agreement. Funding for major updates is negotiated service-by-service. Production means that university staff, teachers and users need a service to accomplish business and academic tasks and objectives. As a general rule, the division does not charge royalties for technology services common to Creighton departments and employees. However, there may be exceptions under the various service-based agreements for personalized services. For example, an hourly rate for maintenance of non-Xerox printers is NOT calculated. For more information, check out the basic office support agreement. The SLA ITS and Campus is our overall agreement that we will continue to partner with. Services that use a work order or web forms on the division`s website are processed from the date the completed form is received. Examples include requests for telecommunications assistance or server provision. Campus departments and schools are responsible for monitoring the maintenance schedule and notifying the service if local events are affected. In most cases, the department`s communications manager is responsible for communicating service outages and changes to the department, service groups and campus when needed.

Off-hours service outages are reported the next business day. The Technology Coordinator also ensures that each department is informed of significant changes to its technology services. The divisional change management process (CAB) minimizes involuntary service interruptions or other effects on campus as a result of changes in the production environment. The division monitors, manages and evaluates changes to maximize service benefits to the customer while minimizing the risks associated with these changes. SSiD is located in the Studentenwerk building and is part of the Student Support and Wellbeing in Student Services section. The service consists of three teams: Student Enquiries, Student Communications and Office and Systems Management. . A service request means that a customer imposes a requirement on the division for a service as it is published in the service catalogue. There are seven ways to contact the query department. Any request for IT resources classified as a project should be sent via the following link: A Service Level Agreement (SLA) documents services` focus on our commitment to our customers. .

Each IT department is classified as high, medium or low critical depending on the importance of this service in all seasons.