The following steps for using the enterprise subscription experience on the Azure portal are: The following steps apply only to EA and EA-Dev/Test subscriptions. Most users can access the user experience below. Some users do not qualify to create a subscription on the Azure portal. For these users, the « Add » button opens a separate window to create new subscriptions. Once the new Azure Marketplace subscriptions are activated under your Azure EA registration, you`ll stop Azure Marketplace services created in the Pay-As-You Go environment. This is important to ensure that your Azure Marketplace subscriptions are not in bad shape when your pay-As-You Go payment instrument expires. You can create an additional subscription to your Enterprise Agreement (EA), Microsoft Customer Agreement or microsoft Partner Agreement billing account on the Azure portal. You may want an additional subscription to avoid reaching subscription limits, create separate environments for security reasons, or isolate data for compliance reasons. If you logged in as an EA Azure account owner with the same registration information as your Visual Studio subscription, you can achieve your personalized Azure advantage for Visual Studio subscription recovery by doing one of the following actions: An Azure account owner can create and manage an unlimited number of subscriptions. As an Azure business administrator, you can allow account holders in your organization to create subscriptions based on the EA Dev/Test offer. To do this, select the Dev/Test field for the account owner in the Azure EA portal.

If you transfer your subscription billing property to one account to another Azure AD customer, you can defer the subscription to the customer for the new account. If you do, all users, groups or service principles that have had Azure role assignments to manage subscriptions and their resources lose access. Only the user of the new account who accepts your transfer request has access to resource management. The new owner must manually add these users to the subscription to give access to the usage they have lost. For more information, see an Azure subscription to another Azure AD directory. An example would be the operation management suite (WHO) subscription. WHO offers a simple way to access a full range of cloud-based management functions, including analysis, configuration, automation, security, backup and disaster recovery. WHO subscriptions include rights to system Center components to provide a complete solution for hybrid cloud environments. Only account administrators can cancel subscriptions.

If you assign an Azure Open subscription to an enterprise contract, you count all Azure not consumed in Open Credits.